The Delacorte Theater in the Heart of Central Park

The Delacorte Theater at night with a view of Belvedere Castle in the background

Pretty amazing location for a theater, no? That’s Belvedere Castle in the background, by the way.

The Delacorte Theater is an amazing cultural venue in the heart of Central Park. Performances are free (tickets are on a first come first serve basis) and it offers a wide range of entertainment, including many of Shakespeare’s plays…

Okay, I admit I’ve never actually been there myself. Not that I haven’t wanted to go. It’s just that it’s a summer event, and I haven’t spent a summer in the city since I was in my early teens.

That didn’t stop me from imagining a performance of Romeo and Juliet and including it in Central Park Story Book One. After all, that’s what fiction is all about, right? (smile)

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