Welcome to my Blog! Here’s What To Expect…

Welcome to my Blog! I’m very excited to have you on board! Central Park Story is a young adult adventure series whose main character is a sixteen-year-old boy named Christopher Middleton.¬† It’s also a treasure hunt/romance/historical adventure/fantasy/humorous tale all rolled into one! I put a lot of time researching the backdrop to the series which […]

Christoforo Colombo, not Christopher Columbus?

Yes, Columbus was Italian, so his first name was actually ‘Christoforo’ not ‘Christopher’. But who cares about the spelling of his name? The main thing is that, if it wasn’t for Columbus, or Colombo, there wouldn’t be a Central Park Mall or a Central Park, or even a New York City. When Christopher first sees […]

What To See When One Visits the Met (on the Front Steps, that is)

One of the supposed ‘must see’ places to visit while in New York is the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I’ve been there dozens of times myself, yet every time it felt like I’d been hit over the head with a bronze sculpture by the time I left. Not because I don’t love art. I love […]

Tennis in Central Park, anyone?

I never played tennis in Central Park. The area was too dangerous when I was growing up, but here’s a picture of the tennis courts west of the reservoir where I have Christopher and Devon duke it out in Central Park Story Book One. I became more involved in sports as I grew older (crew, […]

Mountain Lion, Cougar, Panther or Leopard? Which One is It?

If you’ve ever gone for a jog along the Central Park Drive near 76th Street, you probably experienced the same shock as I did when I first spotted the menacing statue to the left. It’s a very naturalistic sculpture of, well, let’s just say a ‘cougar’ for the time being. It was made by a […]

The Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir–a Billion Gallons of Beauty

For most of my youth, I was fortunate to be able to look out the windows of my mother’s apartment and see the reservoir in Central Park. I didn’t care about its history. I didn’t care that it was a reservoir that supplied water to my sink and shower. What I cared about was that […]

The Bust of Johann Friedrick von Schiller in Central Park

If you’re like me, you know nothing about German philosophers of the 18th and 19th centuries, or the bust of Johann Friedrich von Schiller that sits near the Naumberg Bandshell, for that matter. But as a writer it’s my job to investigate everything I come across, so I had to ask myself why they would […]

Chinese Dragon Melody Performed in Central Park

I don’t know if there’s a connection between cockatrices¬† and Chinese dragons, but as soon as I discovered there had been a performance of Chinese music in the Naumberg Bandshell called the Chinese Dragon Melody, I decided I’d make the connection myself and have the cockatrice dance to the music (Central Park Story Book One). […]

Serendipity’s Shot at the World’s Most Expensive Sugar High!

Forget about Christopher’s favorite triple fudge chocolate ice cream sprinkled with Godiva chocolate bits and gummy bears. Get a load of this over-the-top dessert served at Serendipity III to the tune of $1000! (Yes, that’s a one with three zeros after it!) The description alone is worth at least a dollar or two: ‘made with […]

Bethedsa Terrace–the Heart and Soul of Central Park

It amazes me that the only formal element that Olmsted and Vaux envisioned for Central Park is the Mall that leads to the Bethesda Terrace. The rest of the park is, quite simply, devoted to nature. When I looked at thirty-odd original submissions in the competition to create America’s premier urban park, most of them […]

Homelessness in New York City

Over 100,000 people go homeless in NYC every single year. Of those, at least 38,000 live in shelters. This is a statistic from 2003, over ten years ago. Since then, the number of homeless in shelters and on the street has nearly doubled! I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel more kinship with […]