Welcome to my Blog! Here’s What To Expect…

Welcome to my Blog! I’m very excited to have you on board! Central Park Story is a young adult adventure series whose main character is a sixteen-year-old boy named Christopher Middleton.  It’s also a treasure hunt/romance/historical adventure/fantasy/humorous tale all rolled into one! I put a lot of time researching the backdrop to the series which […]

Thanks to the Central Park Conservancy

I can’t write a blog on Central Park that follows my young adult adventure series, Central Park Story, without first appreciating what an amazing job the Central Park Conservancy has done in restoring this historic landmark. Founded in 1980 as a privately run organization working hand in hand with the city administration, the Conservancy has […]

The True Inspiration Behind Christopher Middleton’s Central Park School

  The dark and musty old building that Christopher discovers when he first enters the doors of Central Park School is exactly what I recall when I first entered the darkened doorway to Collegiate that you see to the right. Though Collegiate was my principal inspiration for Central Park Story, I couldn’t help but include […]

Why I Decided To Put Central Park School on West 81st Street

When I started brainstorming Central Park Story, I wanted to place Christopher’s fictitious school close to Central Park but as far away from any existing school as possible so there wouldn’t be any confusion between the two. Then I remembered how, as a student myself, I used to take the crosstown bus at 79th and […]

Take a Brief Tour of Central Park…

There are two  tours I want you to see: one from the human perspective and another from the perspective of, well, the birds who call it home (click here to view both). The first video features a number of places that Christopher frequents in Book One of Central Park Story, but given that Jennifer is […]

The Rose Center for Earth and Space: a Way of Leaving the City Without Actually Leaving

If you’ve read the beginning of  Central Park Story Book One, you’ll know that Christopher stops to look at The Rose Center for Earth and Space en route to his new school. Built in 2000 and made to look like a space station, the building is one of the most impressive in the city and […]

Museum Mile…A Mile of Culture

The dozen or so museums located on Museum Mile represent one of the most concentrated areas of culture in the world. In my blog, I cover most of the major museums along its length, starting with the Met at 82nd Street and ending with the Museum of the City of New York at 104th Street, […]

The Museum of the City of New York: the Forgotten Museum

Located between 103 and 104th Street on Fifth Avenue, the Museum of the City of New York sits at the northernmost end of Museum Mile, so by the time you make it there, assuming you do, you’ve probably had your fill of museums. There was talk of relocating it to the Financial District, probably to […]

American Museum of Natural History–More Than You Bargained For

The American Museum of Natural History that sits beside Central Park at 81st Street and Central Park West, is one of the largest museums in the world. The complex comprises 27 interconnected buildings housing 45 permanent exhibition halls, in addition to a planetarium and a library. Its collections contain over 32 million specimens of plants, […]

The Frick Museum–What a Gem!

The Frick is one of the pre-eminent art museums in the United States, with a high-quality collection of old master paintings and fine furniture housed within the former residence of Mr. Frick himself. It also happens to be my favorite museum in the city because of  its delightful blend of a spacious home with a […]

The Cooper-Hewitt Museum: A Nice Side Trip

I always felt a close affinity to the Carnegie Mansion at 91st and Fifth, now known as the Cooper Hewitt Museum. My mother’s apartment was a few blocks uptown, and we would walk past it on our way to church or whenever I went for a jog around the reservoir. Now that I’m several decades […]