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The Amethyst Skull Book One

A sixteen-year-old boy, Aaron, finds himself in a world ruled by an amethyst skull. All he knows about his past is that an evil force, known as ‘the Darkness’, has murdered his parents and his only brother—and is trying to murder him too. In his search to uncover the truth behind his family’s deaths, he meets the lovely and mysterious Julia, with whom he falls in love, and her younger brother, Belarus, whose strange powers are only matched by his stranger behavior. Aaron’s quest takes him and his friends to places he never dreamed possible—and some he wishes he’d never found.

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The Amethyst Skull Book Two

Aaron is given the title of Lord High Alta, the highest position in the land, but not for the reasons he thinks. In order to fulfill his new duties, he is forced into searching for the amethyst skull beyond the biodome, where the evil Darkness lurks. Is the Darkness attempting to lure him into a trap so it can destroy him, or is someone else doing this—perhaps even someone who is near and dear to him? Join Aaron as he ventures into an unknown land, battles with angels and elves, and desperately seeks to discover the answer to this life or death question.

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The Amethyst Skull Book Three

As the search for the amethyst skull continues in earnest, Tiberius, Aaron’s trusted garden elf, paints a very different picture of Aaron than the one Aaron created of himself in Book One and Book Two. Heading across the magical land of Altea and crossing the ocean to fight the wicked sons of Belial, he soon discovers Aaron isn’t the person he thought he was, but is something far more powerful—and dangerous.

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The Amethyst Skull Book Four

Bhaktoo, a flying monkey, half-drowned and washed up on the shore of an unfamiliar land, is turned into a slave by three evil monkeys. His only hope of escape is a strange blue-skinned man who saves their village from a giant cobra and a blood-drinking demoness. As Bhaktoo helps the stranger recover the woman he loves by travelling to a dismal fortress where she is being held against her will, he recovers his memory of the land where he came from and the people he once knew—and discovers who this strange man and the beautiful woman whom he loves really are.

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What is the inspiration for the story?

I was fascinated by the idea of creating an adventure story about a civilization that sprang out of the same mythical roots and mysteries that lie at the basis of our own. A science fiction fantasy seemed like the most entertaining way to achieve this. Out came ‘The Amethyst Skull!’

Is there a message in your book that you want readers to grasp?

I would hope my books speak for themselves, but yes. I would like the readers to grasp that the truth of life lies much deeper than the way things appear on the surface. It lies beyond different points of view and reaches into the very depths of our soul and who we truly are as human beings.

This book is a part of a series, tell us about your series.

This fantasy series begins with a sixteen-year-old boy, Aaron, running from an evil force, called the Darkness, which has murdered his family. The series continues to describe what happens from the perspective of a garden elf and a flying monkey, giving a completely different picture. In the fifth and sixth book, the Darkness tells its own spine-chilling story.