Chinese Dragon Melody Performed in Central Park

Chinese Dragon image

Here’s a Chinese dragon and perhaps a distant relative of the cockatrice at Belvedere Castle

I don’t know if there’s a connection between cockatrices¬† and Chinese dragons, but as soon as I discovered there had been a performance of Chinese music in the Naumberg Bandshell called the Chinese Dragon Melody, I decided I’d make the connection myself and have the cockatrice dance to the music (Central Park Story Book One).

I couldn’t locate a video of the original performance that took place in the Bandshell in June of 2007, but I found a video of the same music being played in 2011 in a separate location.

If I was a cockatrice, I would certainly be tempted to start flying in time with the richly-textured sounds, though in Christopher’s mind, Chinese music is definitely an acquired taste.

Here’s the video:



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