Crushes on Teachers–A Rite of Passage in Grade School

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower in Paris where Christopher hoped to elope with Mme Jardin

I once had a crush on my French teacher in junior high.

Maybe it was the exotic mix of a foreign language with the innocence of youth, but it almost seems a given that kids fall in love with their foreign language teachers more than any other.

I can’t remember her name to be honest (Mme ?). I was only ten at the time and names came and went like butterflies. What I remember is her flowery dress–and, oh, la, la!–her perfume!

These days one has to be careful broaching such subjects, but in the 1960s when I grew up, it seemed a part of the curriculum, and we took it for granted.

In any case, Add Mediathis was the original inspiration behind Christopher Middleton’s crush on his French teacher in Central Park Story Book One.

What’s your story about falling in love with a teacher? Or do I dare ask the question?

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