It Took More Gunpowder Than Was Used in the Battle of Gettysburg to Construct Central Park


More casualties were suffered at Gettysburg than in any other battle in the Civil War

In Book One of my young adult adventure series, Central Park Story, Christopher Middleton, the main character,  mentions that it took more gunpowder than was used in the Battle of Gettysburg to construct Central Park.

I also have one of the statues (yes, the statues talk in my books) compare Christopher’s personal challenges to the famous battle.

So, what exactly happened at Gettysburg on those three fateful days in July of 1863 to make it such a potent symbol?

The short answer is that it marked the point in the Civil War where the Confederacy shifted from being on the offensive to being primarily defensive, and although the war would continue, battle after bloody battle, for another two years, never would the South work their way this far north again.


The Civil War was also the first war where photographs of the casualties were taken

Gettysburg cost a total of 50,000 casualties combined, most of them caused by the same gunpowder that made Central Park what it is today, so the battle proved an apt symbol both for the park, as well as my main character’s own internal battles.




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