The Loeb Boathouse Restaurant…the Perfect Place for a Confrontation

Loeb Boathouse Restaurant Across the Ramble Lake

A view of the Loeb Boathouse Restaurant from across the Ramble Lake

The Loeb Boathouse has two options for dining: a sandwich counter for those who are ‘on the go’, and a formal dining room with views of the lake and the Ramble.

Naturally, when Ashley asks Christopher to meet her at the restaurant so she can confront him over his interest in Jennifer (Central Park Story Book One) she means the latter and not the former.

If Ashley is going to explode, it  only stands to reason she would only do so in the style in which she is accustomed!

Interior of the Loeb Boathouse Restaurant

…and inside the Boathouse Restaurant where Ashley waits for Christopher like a volcano ready to explode!

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