The Mystery Behind the Window at Belvedere Castle

Belvedere Castle in Central Park

The tower window where Christopher spots a cockatrice

Door to the Tower Window at Belvedere Castle

Clearly, there’s something beyond this door that no one’s supposed to know about!

The last time I visited Belvedere Castle, I tried climbing the tower staircase all the way to the top where Christopher spots a cockatrice in Central Park Story Book One.

Naturally, I wanted to investigate–and, who knows, maybe even find a cockatrice feather!

When I finally got there, what I ran into was this (see picture on right).

I don’t know about you, but when I see a sign that says ‘KEEP OUT. AUTHORIZED PERSONNEL ONLY’,  I  immediately become suspicious.

Could it be that there really is a cockatrice inside and no one’s supposed to know about it?


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