Best Spots in the Park for…

sledding in Central Park

Sledding in Central Park back in the good old days

Sometimes you only have time to do one thing in the park, so it’s nice to know where to go when time is tight.

Here’s my personal list:

One of the best spots for sledding is the Pilgrim Statue (a nice-sized slope without any boulders in the way).

Probably the most scenic and comfortable places for a picnic (assuming it isn’t fenced off to protect the grass) is the Sheep Meadow.

The best place to catch a view of the entire city is Belvedere Castle.

The only place to go swimming is Lasker’s Pool (also a skating rink in the winter) in the north end of the park.

The best place to go skating is Wollman’s Skating Rink (fantastic view of the surrounding city); the other is Lasker’s rink in the north end of the park.

The best place to go jogging is around the reservoir (easy on the feet and great views of the water and the city).

The best place to get lost is in the Ramble.

The best place to rent a boat is the Loeb Boathouse next to the Ramble Lake (lots of coves and places to anchor along its shore).

The best place to enjoy a meal is the Loeb Boathouse, though the Tavern on the Green is nice at night, assuming you can afford the prices, and there’s a cafe at the north end of the Sheep Meadow with some decent sandwiches.

The best place to watch street performers is on and around the Bethesda Terrace.

sledding in Central Park

…and now

The best place to relax is anywhere in the park!

Oh, and the best young adult story that includes all of these locations is Central Park Story.

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