Starfest: A Festival of the Stars in the Sheep Meadow

The Crab Nebula

Can you see the crab in the Crab Nebula?

Although New York probably has enough earthly stars to fill the Milky Way, what I’m referring to is a festival in Central Park where ordinary people can look at the stars in the night sky.

It’s been an event at the Sheep Meadow since the early 1990s (the last festival was held in mid-October, 2015).

The Rings of Saturn

Perhaps its easier to see the rings of Saturn.

In my young adult adventure book Central Park Story I have Christopher Middleton, my main character, go there with his girlfriend, Ashley Ferguson.

Unfortunately, seeing the Crab Nebula and the rings of Saturn wasn’t the only things that Ashley had in mind that night!

The Milky Way

…though, if all else fails, I suppose you can always try counting the stars in the Milk Way

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