About Central Park Story

Christopher Middleton, a sixteen-year-old boy who moves in with his eccentric¬†great aunt on the Upper East Side of New York City, discovers that the park he must cross on his way to school isn’t what it appears. It’s alive with talking statues, and visions from the past, as well as a mystery that will lead him to the most important discovery of his life, all in the midst of his many challenges at school.

Part coming of age story and part treasure hunt, Central Park Story will take the reader on a humorous and entertaining adventure through one of the most visited locations in the world, historic Central Park in New York City.

What People Are Saying…

Central Park Story is a magical tale that captures the innocence of young adulthood in a fresh way with the wonderful and fascinating backdrop of Central Park. Young readers and adults alike will find this to be an entertaining read. These books will certainly deepen people’s appreciation of Central Park.”–Brian Levine, NYC

“Awesomely fun and exciting–a real page turner for me!” Laser Nite, Boston

“R. Trout’s first novel had me hooked from the first paragraph. From the first diary entry to the last, I loved every minute. Every emotion that he wanted you to feel, I felt. From laughing, to crying. to edge of your seat fear, R. Trout kept me hooked. I can honesty say I have not read a book this exciting since the Harry Potter series. Can’t wait for the next chapter in the Central Park Story saga. Keep up the great work, R. Trout!!!” –Seth Ward, Romney WV

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