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photo of Rick TroutWelcome to my Blog! I’m very excited to have you on board!

Central Park Story is a young adult adventure series whose main character is a sixteen-year-old boy named Christopher Middleton.  It’s also a treasure hunt/romance/historical adventure/fantasy/humorous tale all rolled into one!

I put a lot of time researching the backdrop to the series which is Central Park in New York City, and I have something to say about every aspect of the park that Christopher encounters. For this reason, I created a blog that runs parallel with the plot so you, the reader, will have an even fuller appreciation of this amazing treasure that was the inspiration behind my books.

There are four books in the series. The fifth book will be published in early 2016. By the end of the series, there will be so many things to comment on, both concerning the park and New York City in general, that I don’t know if I’ll get through even half of it.

I grew up in the heart of the city, so a lot of what I say will be from a personal perspective, but the main driver behind the books is the history of the park and Christopher Middleton himself.

How did I come up with my main character, Christopher Middleton? I don’t really know. I was an above average student, unlike Christopher. My parents were both alive when I was sixteen, unlike Christopher’s, both of whom die prematurely. Christopher juggles two girlfriends at once while I attended an all boy’s school from thirteen to eighteen years of age–hence, no girlfriends. Yet, every word out of Christopher’s mouth seems to come as if directly from my own. Maybe he was the kid I always could have been, or in a sneaky sort of way, wanted to be. I’ll let you know when I figure it out. I only know he’s as alive to me as if I’ve known him all my life, and I can’t wait to see what he’s up to next…

So let’s get started…my blog will fill out a lot of what happens in the books, along with a few personal comments tossed in, and will hopefully add color as you read the books themselves. Read on!




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