Welcome to my Blog! Here’s What To Expect…

Welcome to my Blog! I’m very excited to have you on board! Central Park Story is a young adult adventure series whose main character is a sixteen-year-old boy named Christopher Middleton.  It’s also a treasure hunt/romance/historical adventure/fantasy/humorous tale all rolled into one! I put a lot of time researching the backdrop to the series which […]

Tavern on the Green: No Longer a Retirement Home for Sheep

If you think the Loeb Boathouse Restaurant is swanky, how about the Tavern on the Green, where Ashley’s parents take Christopher out for Thanksgiving dinner in Central Park Story Book One? It used to be a sheepfold at a time when sheep grazed in the Sheep Meadow (yes, you heard me–sheep used to graze in […]

Old As Time and the Issue of Homelessness in NYC

Old As Time is a character I created in order to put a face on the homeless problem in New York City. Despite the great leaps of progress the city has made in the area of crime, the homeless situation has only worsened over the same span of time. As of March 2015, over 60,ooo […]

7th Regiment Memorial: A Statue by John Quincy Adams Ward

Don’t you just love this statue? So dignified, so noble, so REAL. I love all the statues made by John Quincy Adams Ward (he also made the Indian Hunter and the Pilgrim statues, both of which sit near the Mall, as well as the life-like cougar that overlooks the East River Drive at 78th Street). […]

A Walk in Central Park After a Blizzard

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A Geometric Pattern Buried in the Design of Central Park? Does it Really Exist?

When I first began researching Central Park Story, a young adult adventure series set in Central Park in NYC,  I came across a number of features in the park that I considered highly unusual. First, the promenade that extends from the Olmsted Flower Bed and ends at the Bethesda Terrace points due north (rather than […]

Bet You Didn’t Know Even Half of These Amazing Facts About Central Park

I spent several years researching Central Park for my ongoing young adult adventure series, Central Park Story, and, in the process, I came across a number of features of the park that surprised and, in some cases, shocked me. Here are a few of them, and I’d be most curious to know if you were […]

The Statue of ‘Black Dan’ in Central Park–A Sight to Behold!

If there’s a statue in Central Park that could send a shiver down your spine, it’s the statue of Daniel Webster; not because of its impressive size but because the sculptor, Thomas Ball, managed to capture ‘God-like Dan’ in all his glory. Back in the 1850s, most everyone had two things in their homes: a […]

Taking Exams…At Times You Just Have to Rely on Street Smarts

Taking exams isn’t fun, but it’s fun making fun of exam-taking. In my young adult adventure series, Central Park Story, the main character, Christopher Middleton, doesn’t open a book when it comes to studying for exams. Rather, he relies on what his girlfriend tells him on their early morning walks to school…with amusing results. I […]

Montessori Schools and the Future of Education

More than 100 years ago, Dr. Maria Montessori, Italy’s first female physician, inspired the birth of a worldwide educational movement. Drawing upon her scientific background and clinical understanding, Dr. Montessori observed how young people learn best when engaged in purposeful activity rather than being fed information. She recognized that children’s cognitive growth and development requires […]

Thoreau’s Walden–Not Your Typical Backyard Camping Trip

Walden, a book by by noted Transcendentalist, Henry David Thoreau,  is part personal declaration of independence, part social experiment, and part manual for self-reliance. Published in 1854, it details Thoreau’s experiences over the course of two years, two months, and two days in a cabin he built near Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. By immersing […]