Central Park Story Book One (reached #1 under Teen and Young Adult Fiction>Historical>United States, on Amazon Kindle's free bestseller list in December, 2014 and 2015!)

Christopher Middleton, a sixteen-year-old boy who moves in with his eccentric great aunt on the Upper East Side of New York City, discovers that the park he must cross on his way to school isn’t what it appears. It’s alive with talking statues and visions from the past, as well as a mystery that will lead him to the most important discovery of his life, all in the midst of his many challenges at school.

Part coming of age story and part treasure hunt, Central Park Story will take the reader on a humorous and entertaining adventure through one of the most visited locations in the world, historic Central Park in New York City.

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Central Park Story Book Two

Christopher Middleton’s exploration of Central Park is rudely interrupted by a nasty cockatrice. Soon, the threat of being booted out of school takes the upper hand, but are the two threats different, or is the secret behind the deadly creature a solution to his ever-increasing challenges at school? The answer to this question leads Christopher to the most exciting discovery of his life.

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Central Park Story Book Three

Christopher Middleton’s peaceful world is shattered when he discovers an urgent message on his dresser. Now, he must find a mysterious key to stop his archenemy from conspiring against him, overcome his evil stepfather, and win back the girl he loves. Can he decipher the only clue he’s been given before things go from bad to unimaginably bad?

Join Christopher for another wild year at Central Park School!

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Central Park Story Book Four

Time is running out for Christopher Middleton as he continues his search for a mysterious key that will prevent an unthinkable disaster from striking all of New York City, but first he must go on some wild adventures in the park and win the support of the girl he loves. Can he accomplish this in the short time he has left, or will disaster overtake him first?

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Central Park Story Book Five

To escape his  boredom at school, Christopher Middleton wanders past a door in the park that takes him into a world where everyone’s destiny is fulfilled. But if this world is so perfect, why do his enemies continue to threaten him, and why does his own destiny remain muddled? Join Christopher in this grande finale to the Central Park Story series as he discovers the answers beyond the strange and dangerous door to ‘what is destined to be’!

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