Old Croton Reservoir–the Original Reservoir That Supplied New York City With Fresh Water

The Old Croton Reservoir that Chrstopher 'sees' in Central Park Story

The rectangle near the bottom is the Croton Reservoir that used to supply New York City with water

In my young adult fantasy series, Central Park Story, Christopher Middleton starts to see things that aren’t really there….or are they? The answer is what you will hopefully discover for yourself when you read Book One.

One of the things he ‘sees’ is the Old Croton Reservoir that used to sit in front of Belvedere Castle. The reservoir was constructed in the late 1830s to supply New York City with much-needed fresh water, but the demand soon outpaced the supply, and the reservoir was abandoned in the 1880s, and a new one built further north.

Whenever I sit on the ramparts of Belvedere Castle and look north, it’s hard to imagine that a reservoir once existed where the Great Lawn currently stands. Christopher, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to have much trouble imagining things, as you will discover if you read my books.

The Croton Reservoir that Christopher 'sees' in Central Park Story Book One

An old photo of the Croton Reservoir. Aren’t old photos utterly coo?l!

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