Another Famous Tavern in Central Park?


McGowans Pass Tavern in 1915 before it was sold and demolished.

When someone speaks of a tavern in Central Park, they are invariably referring to the Tavern on the Green at 68th Street and Central Park West. However, there used to be another tavern at what is  now 104th Street and Fifth Avenue. It was known first as the ‘Black Horse Tavern’ (prior to the the Revolutionary War), McGowan’s Tavern (from 1756 through the Revolutionary period) and then McGowan Pass Tavern (until it was demolished in 1915).

In 1752, the Continental Congress met there, and no doubt it was a watering hole for both patriots and British alike during the Revolutionary War.

In my young adult adventure series, Central Park Story, I revive it’s early history as McGowan’s Tavern when I have Christopher meet the proprietor’s son, Andrew, who helps him to escape the British.


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