Jervis McEntee–One of the Not-So-Colorful Stars of the Hudson River School

Jervis McEntee Painting

One of his brighter paintings

The landscapes of Jervis McEntee are known for their melancholy and poetic mood. The sky is often cloudy, the season autumn with the leaves faded and falling from the trees.

“Some people call my landscapes gloomy and disagreeable,” McEntee wrote in his well-kept journal. “They say I paint the sorrowful side of nature…But this is a mistake…Nature is not sad to me but quiet, pensive, restful.”

I’ll let you decide for yourself what to think when you look at his paintings to the right.


Perhaps a bit more typical of his paintings

So far as my main character, Christopher Middleton, in my young adult adventure series, Central Park Story, is concerned, he considers them boring, if only because he  hates museums.


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