What To See When One Visits the Met (on the Front Steps, that is)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art… Impressive, no?

One of the supposed ‘must see’ places to visit while in New York is the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

I’ve been there dozens of times myself, yet every time it felt like I’d been hit over the head with a bronze sculpture by the time I left.

Not because I don’t love art. I love art in all its forms. There’s just something about the building itself that feels like an anchor around one’s neck…Too big, too cumbersome…too much!

Of course, I’ll keep trying, hoping that my next visit will be better. And I imagine someone reading this will take exception to what I have to say next…but the nicest thing for me are all the pretty girls sunning themselves on its steps.

Christopher Middleton thinks so too when he is forced by his girlfriend, Jennifer, to pay a visit to the museum in Central Park Story Book One.

Steps at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

The front steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art…even more impressive, yes?


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