Russian Imperial Dresses–Better Than Oscars Night!

Russian Imperial dresses

A bit pretentious for Oscars night, but not if you happen to be Empress of Russia!

In my young adult adventure series, Central Park Story, Ashley Ferguson is dying for her boyfriend, Christopher Middleton, to take her to a show of Russian Imperial dresses at the Met.

Maybe your first thought is the same as Christopher’s was: boring. . . boring. . . boring!

But whatever you happen to think about going to a museum to view fashion designs of nineteenth century imperial Russia, I think you’d have to be impressed by some of these creations.

Here are just a few. . .

Russian Imperial dresses

. . . or what about wearing this one out to the movies?

Russian Imperial dresses

. . . before changing into this back at home . . .

Russian Imperial dresses

. . . and saying goodnight to the kids in this!

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