The Main Staircases at the Bethesda Terrace: A Treasure Not to be Overlooked

Staircase to the Bethesda Terrace

The main staircases that leads to the Bethesda Fountain displays many wonderful treasures if one takes the time to discover them

When first approaching the Angel of the Waters Fountain at the Bethesda Terrace, it’s easy to overlook the staircase that one must descend in order to get there.

Sculpted from Brunswick sandstone and designed by the brilliant architect, Jacob Wrey Mould, it is well worth having  a closer look.

The reliefs that flank the two staircases are organized according to the four season, while the piers on the various landings display themes that highlight the times of day and the ages of man.

Mould gave the artisans a general vision of what he wanted, then left them to their own creative devices with surprisingly refreshing results.

Imagine a witch riding on a broomstick, a Great Horned Owl sitting on a branch, or a pair of ice skates, and it gives you an idea of some of the visual delights you will discover.

At the bottom of the balustrade dedicated to spring, there’s even a bird’s nest that Christopher Middleton, the main character in my young adult adventure series, Central Park Story, imagines to be a cockatrice nest!





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